Doors open…

I’m delighted to say that the weather improved just in time for our Private Viewing over at the Mardleybury Gallery in Hertfordshire, and it was a huge pleasure to welcome so many people there to see our work – I’m sure the allure of the wine and nibbles was only minimally responsible…

I took a few pictures, to give you a feel for the show, but if you should find yourself in the Hertfordshire area during June, I urge you to go and see for yourself – I promise  you won’t be disappointed, there’s a range of simply fabulous art on view.

2015-06-05 19.32.04

To be honest, I’m still pinching myself – if anyone had told me this time last year, that I’d be exhibiting at a gallery, well, I’d have laughed.

2015-06-05 19.40.34
Can you see my pieces up on the wall there – I had some lovely feedback for visitors last night.

A small selection of the work on show…

2015-06-05 19.40.03
Ali Mesley’s work was attracting a lot of interest – not surprising, they are very special.

2015-06-05 19.39.44

2015-06-05 19.37.52

The header image for this post is a detail from a collograph print by Jenny Smith-McOnie, evoking the rock pool – truly exquisite.

I’m going to be stitching and talking about stitched-art at Mardleybury Gallery on Sunday 21st June from about 2pm. Come and chat if you’re around.




15 thoughts on “Doors open…

    1. Thank you – yes, I’m very much at the stage where having anyone want to talk about my work, gives me such a thrill, it doesn’t feel real at all. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jessica, I’m extremely lucky to have met such a talented group of local artists, I think the mix of work blends very well.

  1. Hi Ann Good luck with the show. Would you be happy for me to repost this to the ANB’s blog and also email the membership with it for additional advertising, as I sometimes do with Beatriz’s blog posts? Best wishes JenniferANB

    Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2015 12:05:40 +0000 To:

  2. Congratulations on your success! It must be particularly satisfying that your work is part of a general art exhibition. Your creations do stand out on the wall. I am sure you will get lots of positive feedback. This will of course just encourage you to keep on with the stitching. Enjoy the summer, if you can find any spare time.

    1. Thank you so much Alister – we both seem to be having exciting journeys with our stitching – who’d have thought it just a couple of years ago!
      I intend to thoroughly enjoy the summer – the omens are good for a trip to Scotland, so I’ll be heading towards your territory – can’t wait!

  3. What a lovely looking exhibition, a fab mix of artworks and how lovely that you are there on the wall – artistically speaking I mean!! 😉

    1. Thanks Kathy – if you only knew the stress of putting those pieces up there – you’d laugh! Makes you realise why you did ‘O’Level Maths way back when…

      1. Bet you heaed a huge sigh of releif when it was all hung though, and you stepped back and wow …. Maths was never my strong point – I was always almost there!! 🙂

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