Which canvas are you?

Do you enjoy personality tests?

We’ve all experienced them at one time or another, whether serious ones when applying for jobs (INFJ* if you’re interested), or the marginally less serious ones in personal-development books, online-dating, dieting, and of course the entirely spurious ones in countless magazine features – they crop up all over the place.

For some reason, when I was fishing through my stash of canvas the other day, I couldn’t help thinking that our preferred choice of canvas might well be an indicator of our personality.

2015-03-19 12.41.10

– straight-forward, upright, focussed, likes sticking rigidly to the rules…

2015-03-19 12.40.32

– needs a bit of structure, but bends the rules a little from time to time – prefers having some flexible of space to work in…

2015-03-19 12.39.28

– pretends to conform, but actually quite a rebel, frequently moving off in different directions…

2015-03-19 12.38.58

– entirely unpredictable, potential anarchist…

Yep, use them all – what does that tell you?

Happy stitching!

*Myers-Briggs test.

12 thoughts on “Which canvas are you?

  1. Hi Anny – I loved this post and the way you have likened your personality to the different canvases. I am not sure which canvas I would be – I am ISFJ – I think although I like order and conformity and can be known to rebel at times!

    1. Some of my lecturers at Uni made their money writing personality tests and we guinea-pigged them – ever since I’ve regarded them all as works of fiction! Good for a laugh though…

  2. hmmm, I just checked and got entj – commander, bt I’m sure last time I got INTJ- architect, which proves these things are utter bollocks

    so what does my choices of tweed, evenweave wool, and fine ramie canvas say about me, oh guru?

    1. Hehe – I do always come out the same, but apparently that makes me a counsellor – which, as I’m renowned for my ‘oh for goodness sake pull yourself together and get on with it’ approach, rather reinforces your opinion 🙂

  3. Ha ha. I love it! So funny. I have used them all, but in all honesty I think I prefer the first, straight kind. Does that mean I’m uptight?! I am an INFP so I like to think I’m flexible and can hang loose. 😉

    1. Well, probably just means I can’t resist getting my hands on anything vaguely canvas like… I wonder if I could get a grant to research it – a possible pHD do you think?

  4. Haha! I use them all too, but prefer the two at the bottom. In fact…… I’m just about to start a new piece of work (only tiny) so we’ll see…… 🙂

    1. For a few years now, I’ve been moving to the more anarchic end of the spectrum, but you just never know what what spring to mind next, so I’m keeping a variety in my stash, just in case…

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