A Brief Interlude…

I don’t know what the weather is doing in your part of the world, but it’s been pretty dark and dismal around here for most of January – so far…

Which is why, when I was out with the Delinquent Dog this morning, I almost cried out loud as the sun managed to break through the cloud. I was getting ready to take my daily snap of the oak, and felt compelled to photograph the lane as the sunlight caught the tree in front of me.


On the way back, with the sun still shining, I was struck by the incredible greens in the moss – enhanced no doubt by the drenching they’d received for the last 48 hours.

IMAG8811 IMAG8806

But needless to say, it’s raining and dismal again now – with the possibility of snow overnight – well at least it would be a change!




20 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude…

  1. It rained here today, then we had wonderful blue sky and sunshine followed by more rain.. The moss does look fantastic.

  2. Know what you mean about the darkness – I’m sure that nature intended us to hibernate through the winter. Even so, it’s starting to feel more like spring – the snowdrops are starting to appear.

    1. I’d love to hibernate in winter, I’m sure it’s my preferred state! But you’re right, yesterday morning while I was out, the birdsong was gorgeous – very springlike. My mood is definitely effected by the lack of sunlight.

  3. I think we have to take our pleasures in small doses at this time of year and that beautiful moss and the sunshine on the wet road are beautiful. Check out Alys Fowler’s article Some Like it cold in the Guardian on Google and see what she has to say on the subject too. We’d miss a lot if we were able to hibernate I think.

    1. A lovely piece from Alys, thank you for pointing me her direction. I tend to agree, being outdoors definitely has its particular charm in the winter, and thinking about it, I’m never particularly down while I’m outside, my problems start once I get home and have to spend long hours in the gloom or under hideous low-energy light. I’m still gently inclining towards hibernation! 🙂

  4. Ahhh, English weather.
    We’ve had just about everything here in the last 24 hours: a thunderstorm, hail, sleet, snow and now brilliant sunshine… just to cheer us up a bit while we wait for the gales!

    1. Crikey – a proper performance! No snow here, which has disappointed the Daughters, but at least there’s considerably more sunshine. If gales are on the way, we’re doomed, I’m already holding up three fence panels with a variety of improvised stakes and flying buttresses, waiting for the Other Half to get on with the utterly thankless task of re-doing a run of about seven panels – next house I buy will have walls or hedges – I’ve had enough of fences for life.

  5. summer rains, thunder storms, and lightening…and a very frightened Jack Russel that manages to find any open window to come and hide under the table…and he never gets struck by the lightning…

    beautiful photos of the brief interlude….fences, hedges, walls….our neighbourhood lives behind barbed wires atop high walls….i’ll take the hedge, and then the fence…any time…

    1. Oh Sonja, thank you for reminding me that fences aren’t the worst thing in the world 🙂

      Poor little dog – my old dog used to jump into the bath and then try and scratch her way through the bottom of it when it thundered, but the Delinquent Dog just takes himself off to his bed under the piano and hides there until it stops.

      Still no snow here, although heavy winds and rain overnight – this morning it’s actually sunny and quite mild.

    1. Thanks Catherine. I’m glad you like those colours, the sunlight and rain just made them sing – I so often think that Mother Nature is the most remarkable artist imaginable.

  6. The photos alone are enough to cheer us up a bit. Much needed cheer needless to say. Been a mixed bag up here so far, but mainly dull and dampish, but not overly cold. Though we had our first real taste of snow a couple of days ago. Very lovely in the brief sunshine, but now rainy again with very, very strong, almost gale force winds to boot. Welcome to 2015 – it can only get better.

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Still waiting for the snow around here. Thought we might get some a couple of times, the air smelt right, but no, just more cold wet and windy. Really time to settle down and stitch – just not quite there yet.

  7. The rain has washed every plant and left some beautiful colours. Glad you found them. We could do with a bit/lot of rain but none on the horizon here in Southern California 75o today.

  8. that wonderful green looks just right to line the cradles of ice fairy babies! Beautiful photos. We’ve had “almost snow” in Sussex, i.e very heavy frost pretending to be snow …. brrrrrrr

    1. Lovely thought Kathy! Yes, same here on the weather front – a mere dusting of snow on Saturday morning and a couple of twinkly frosts. It’s felt as if it was going to happen a few times, but stopped short – ahhh.

    1. Yes, we’ve certainly had a mixed bunch, mainly extremely cold around here lately, which I can cope with much better if the sun comes out too.

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