November in pictures…well mostly.


What I have learnt this month is – preparing for an exhibition is more time-consuming than I’d imagined – but also great fun.

November has been divided between normal daily life; walking the Delinquent Dog, taxiing teenagers, blah, blah, blah, stitching, stitching and a lot more stitching and the occasional out-of-this-world experience (oh yes!).

I’ve mentally planned so many posts this month and delivered none of them, so here instead, is my month in pictures…


A lot of wet walks…


Not quite, but nearly, daily strolls to see the last of the leaves on the oak…IMAG8218

And to watch the hedge finally turning.


Frost, at last…


And fog…


Lots of fog.


Some incredible natural lighting effects…


But an inability to take decent photos indoors.


Love having staring matches with the sheep…


And meeting unexpected chaps like this – (at Tring Auctions – must go back, it was brilliant!).


Finally getting ‘Hidcote’ mounted and ready for the show…


And ‘Tree’.


Loving being able to see through the hedges again…


The graceful beech trees…


And yet more fog.


Visiting Hyper Japan – truly ‘otherworld-stuff’ and far more fun than I could have imagined.


Sampling this…


Framing this…


And thinking to myself, ah well, it will soon be time to start preparations for Christmas.

Hope you’re having a good month. Hope to be back on slightly more regular basis very soon – but well, you know how it is!

Happy stitching!

6 thoughts on “November in pictures…well mostly.

  1. You have been busy both stitching and walking. Your new pieces are beautiful and I love the title Hidcote it conjures up an immediate picture in my mind from just the word and I think you have captured the essence brilliantly. My fave picture is the fost there is always something majical about frost and mysterious about fog! Your newly framed blue / yellow painting reminds me of a college project years ago when I was researching Klee and Mondrian for a textile print. Christmas prep going very slowly here – bathroom still not finished and mums visit is now imminent!

    1. Never enough time is there, I know the feeling. I haven’t done a thing for Christmas yet, but to be fair, that’s not unusual for me. Once this weekend is over, I’ll be able to give it my attention. Good luck with everything!

    1. Hope you’re recovering well. November isn’t the glitziest of months is it, but there’s no denying the beauty that some dull weather can bring. I’m very pleased to be able to see the structure of the trees again, I love the shapes of twisting branches.

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