Under one roof…


Many of you will know that I have a passion for historic places and keep a blog where I record my various visits. This seemed like a good idea when I started, no need to bore people who expected stitchiness with historical stuff over here, and visa versa. But – you knew there was a ‘but’ coming didn’t you – but, having had things arranged like this for a couple of years, I’ve decided to risk it and bring the historic stuff under this blogging roof.

To be honest, keeping it separate has always felt a bit weird, but when I started blogging, the advice was all about being topic specific. However, I think the latest post from Annie Cholewa (AKA Knitsofacto) sums it up perfectly, especially her quote from Mark Kerstetter .

‘The best blogs are acts of bricolage, a new kind of collage, incorporating images, texts, ideas. Why not use them all? And while you’re at it, be yourself.’

Until I brought the history stuff together with everything else, I wasn’t really being myself.

I apologise in advance for any pant-removing boringness, but at least you’ll now be getting the whole me.


21 thoughts on “Under one roof…

  1. I like the idea of having all the blog stuff in one place. My favourite blogs are all ‘a bit of this and that’. People are like that aren’t they. Great quote.

    1. You’re right. I’ve realised that it’s really the voice of the blogger that I tune in to. I might start off reading them for a particular topic, but once you find someone you click with, you’re happy to go along with lots of different content. Character especially people being authentic is more appealing.

  2. Oh I am all for everything under one roof.

    By the way, as a history buff do you like historical fiction and if so can you recommend any favourite authors?

    1. To be honest, I don’t read much historical fiction these days. Years ago I read my way through a load of Jean Plaidy and I loved Sharon Penman’s books. I think Wolf Hall was the last historical fiction I read. I tried Philippa Gregory – it might be heresy, but I’m afraid I can’t get on with them. What I do love though are the historical whodunits – Cadfael is the favourite, but there are lots of others in that genre.

      I have tried samples on the Kindle of various others, but haven’t been ‘hooked’ just yet – I’ll let you know if I stumble across an author I like.

      I know a lot of people don’t like Alison Weir’s factual books, but I always enjoy them – maybe an alternative?

      1. Thanks Anny. I like whodunnits and really enjoyed Cadfael on telly so I will give the books a go, there are lots to keep me going. I will also look up Alison Weir.

  3. Fantastic quote … so right and yes, under one roof is what it’s all about. It will be fascinating to see how the two strands intermingle. Lots of food for thought, I’m sure.

    1. It is a good quote isn’t it – a huge thank you to Annie for highlighting it. I suppose my priorities have changed quite a lot since I started in Blogland and this feels like the right move.

  4. I am all for having everything under one roof after all if readers aren’t interested in a specific topic they have the option of not reading it! Be yourself if that involves posting about all sorts of different topics then that can only be a good thing can’t it?

    1. Thank you for that – yes you’re right, there’s always the ultimate sanction! I’m looking forward to having things streamlined.

  5. Absolutely. It’s the variety of interests that one blogger like yourself brings that is most interesting!

    1. Yes, it’s wonderful to have the connection with so many fascinating people through the internet – perhaps because I can remember life before the internet, it still feels special and amazing.

  6. I totally agree about ignoring the “rules” for what you should and shouldn’t do on a blog. My first blog was topic specific and how I got tired of writing about that one topic! (motherhood) Related: have you seen the ‘Two Nerdy History Girls” blog. Its one of my favorites. I look forward to seeing your history posts!

  7. Delightful idea, I shall look forward to all of you! it’s always more interesting seeing the elements that make another’s life. As you say, the web brings people together.

    In answer to Sue above on historical fiction, my all time favourite (as a lifelong library employee and therefore perhaps a bit of an expert) has to be Dorothy Dunnett. Two utterly convoluted and Byzantine series, set in Medieval Europe, that run on for ages, which is a good thing if you like her. Every so often I take them down and re read them, but they do have a way of taking over your life!

    Beautiful picture by the way 🙂

    1. Wow, isn’t this just the best way Blogland works! Thanks for the inside info Kathy – I shall go and have a look for Dorothy – it’s certainly the time of year for some afternoons lounging around with a good book.

  8. Another vote in favour here. My favourite blogs are always the eclectic ones and I look forward to the variety you’re going to offer us under one roof. 🙂

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