Open gardens…

One of our local villages held it’s open gardens event at the weekend. They really couldn’t have asked for better weather, in fact for those of us walking around it was almost too hot. (Note to self: must buy a decent sun hat that doesn’t make me look like a cricket umpire or extra from a Poirot episode)

I didn’t take many photos because it was just too bright to see what I was doing in most of the gardens, but also because it felt rather impolite.

But there’s no doubt that a HUGE amount of work had been done, bringing the various gardens to a peak of perfection. A great variety in styles and planting on show too, from immaculate Japanese -style, to a mini-Hidcote, cottage garden to stumpery, all beautiful in their own ways.

I’d assumed when we went that I’d end up feeling inadequate about our own little space, but oddly enough I came home very happy because I know I don’t have what it takes to create the sort of garden we visited yesterday. I love seeing what other people have achieved, but it doesn’t inspire me to do the same.

It was a thoroughly lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, but I’m content that re-classifying our garden into a nature reserve was the right move for us. I’m much more of a potterer than a real gardener, although I do reserve the right to change my mind, who knows what might happen in years to come…

12 thoughts on “Open gardens…

  1. Your outdoor space needs to work for you and your lifestyle. One of the things I resent in trying to develop a garden is the huge amount of time it takes up. If it becomes a chore rather than being enjoyable then it’s lost its purpose. I hope in the fullness of time mine will become easier to maintain. At the moment I have very little opportunity to sit out and enjoy the fruits of my labour, how stupid is that?

    1. Well I don’t think you’re stupid at all, you’re creating something wonderful, but I do appreciate the huge effort involved. I’m still more than content to get my gardening kicks vicariously, I’m not ready to commit to doing it myself, although that might have to do with not feeling attached to the land here – I hanker for a move westwards. Perhaps if that ever happens, it’ll tip the balance. Until then I’ll just be grateful to all of you who show us the way. Even if you’re too busy to enjoy what you’re making, people like me are loving it!

  2. I’m like you in that I love to visit other people’s gardens but I am happy to let mine be much more natural and know I would never be able to achieve the sort of perfection some others can. I like both kinds of garden and am quite content to have a grassy patch rather than a striped lawn and to let my plants do their own thing – the bees seem to enjoy it anyway!

  3. I’m with you Anny. You want to enjoy your garden not let it be a chore you resent. I love a natural chemical free garden. Great for the wildlife.

    1. Yes, I’m very happy to keep it natural. I tried using slug pellets one year and was so worried about the birds I never used it again – mind you the slugs don’t appreciate my tender heart at all!

  4. I too love Open Garden days, but don’t hanker after the kind of perfection I find there. A good job too, since any garden unlucky enough to have me as its gardener is always going to be more of a nature reserve than anything else. 🙂

  5. I’m sure your garden is lovely! I am also in favor of slow gardening…. and process over finished product, in gardening as well as other creative ventures. Sometimes I let weeds grow for a while just so I can see how they turn out. I am also in favor a good hats 🙂

    1. I share your weed habit – and it’s surprising how some of them turn out if you let them, I had ground elder flower this year and it looked gorgeous. If you ever discover a secret source of good hats let me know, all I can ever find are things to wear for weddings, or walking up mountains, there must be a happy ‘in-between’…

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