Tree time: May

Well I’ve been photographing the oak tree almost every day for five months now. So instead of showing you the pictures from mid April to mid May, I thought I’d show the mid month pictures from January until today…

Here goes

January 2014…


February 2014…IMAG4240

March 2014…

April 2014…


Today – May 21st 2014…


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Nearly half way through the year and at last the oak is dressed in all its green finery.

18 thoughts on “Tree time: May

  1. Have you thought of making a time lapse video of your tree ? I was going to suggest using Pummelvision but it seems to have been discontinued. It would make a fab film.

    1. What a great suggestion, actually when I scroll through on my phone it sometimes gives me a sense of that, but I do like the idea – I’ll have to see how I could do it. Thank you.

  2. It looks very majestic in full leaf – I love it when trees can be allowed to grow to their full potential. I notice there is still a bare tree to the left in the background what might that be? And how unusual that the hedge is still bare…is that an Hawthorn hedge – it seems very late? I believe the Ash came out before the Oak this year?

    1. Ah well, how perceptive of you! On the lane where this oak is, the ash trees were the last, and I think what you can see to the side is the ash just starting now to leaf up. Although in the wood I walk through, there is an oak which has only just come out this week, much later than the others and behind the ash trees.

      The hedge in front of the oak – which is what stops me getting any closer – was mercilessly hacked by the mechanical hedge cutter last year. I took a really close look this morning and in places a few leaves are beginning to appear. I think it’s a beech hedge, although perhaps a hornbeam? Probably a beech – I’ll post the picture from this morning on Instagram – see if you can tell.

    1. Yes it is a huge bird box, which was put up a few weeks after I started the project. I keep looking, but haven’t seen anything around it.

  3. What a wonderful series, Anny, and a real credit to you! I love the idea in the comments, about creating a time-lapse video. As well as the foliage, it’s interesting to see how the shadows change and shorten as the year progresses. I can’t wait to see the coming months.

    1. Thanks Jo, – having downloaded so many photos of the tree so far – I take about three every day – it sort of makes sense to time-lapse it some how. I’ll work on that – something special to have for the end of the year perhaps.

  4. Such a good idea, detailing the changes that are so slow looked at every day, but so huge looked at as the bigger picture. Love it!

    1. Thank you, but you know I think I’ve learned more about nature in the last five months than in the previous fifty years. There’s something about watching every day in the same place that changes your perception. I just wish there was someone who’d come out with me and answer all the questions about what’s what! – I might be becoming a bit obsessive…

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