A Beltane Bouquet…

Well perhaps it wasn’t the best of nights for jumping over fires or other more intimate May Day rituals – I lay in bed listening to the rain pouring down outside and thought that if anyone was out there celebrating the start of summer, I hoped they’d taken their best waterproofs with them…

My rather more sedate if still fairly soggy celebration, is a little virtual bouquet made up from the flowers I saw on the lane this morning.

IMAG5468 IMAG5474 IMAG5479 IMAG5487 IMAG5494 IMAG5502 IMAG5503 IMAG5506 IMAG5509 IMAG5515_BURST002_COVER


Happy May Day 2014

Oh and just because it’s May Day, here’s my oak today.


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16 thoughts on “A Beltane Bouquet…

  1. Beautiful! Over here, we are still waiting fro the leaves to appear on the trees – won’t have lilacs for atleast another two weeks. Thank you for the preview of what’s to come. Happy May!

    1. Hold on there, it will come eventually – I’m not sure if you’re the same, but things really came on quickly once April started, nothing gradual about it, just rapid rampant green growth – thinking of you!

  2. Tree is looking good……lovely lot of wild flowers, I love it when the hedgerows have some wild flowers, even if some are not all that wild, lovely May Day photos 🙂

    1. I really need someone who knows what everything is called to come out with me and teach me some of the names – I’ve got books, but it’s pretty daunting working out what’s what – I’d love to know what I’m looking at every day 🙂

  3. Lovely flowers to welcome the spring. I’m in Oslo and spent May Day visiting a couple of museums. Lovely sunny day, but very cold. Here’s to a warm and sunny summer.

    1. Oslo! How marvellous. I hope we’ll see pictures on your blog. My Other Half is a big Scandinavia fan, but since the children we’ve barely travelled – maybe once they fly the nest…

  4. Your lovely flower photos are so detailed and beautiful, with their raindrop coats! Is it just me, or is this year racing by?

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