If you walk down the lane most mornings, you might well see me holding onto the Delinquent Dog with one hand, while attempting to snap using the mobile camera with the other. Trouble is, for close-ups you really do better with two hands, and unless I take my reading glasses – and really, who does take their specs when they’re walking the dog – I can’t actually see what I’m doing.

Which is why I was particularly pleased when I downloaded the pics to the Mac and found this.

The hedgerow is really coming alive this week.


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15 thoughts on “Blossom…

  1. Now I have a picture of you – dog lead in one hand, phone in the other and specs on one of those necklace things round your neck! I know that’s not what you said but that’s imagination for you.

    1. Confession time – I do own one of those things to hang your specs on, but it’s dreadful, they’re always sliding out and then I drop them. I’m more of a specs on the head girl. I do rather like peering over the top of them sometimes, used judiciously, it can be quite intimidating. 🙂

    1. Thank you, yes at least I only have the one dog to control, I’d imagine you need more than one pair of hands without trying to snap at the same time.

  2. I have camera problems because I have long sight. I use the view finder rather than looking at the back of the camera. If I had to contend with a dog as well I am not sure I would have any decent photos! Is that Hawthorn blossom?

    1. Oh yes, long sight – I remember my mum complaining that her arms were never long enough!Yes hawthorn, the whole hedge is turning, I’ve taken a few ‘before’ pics and I don’t think it will be long until I can do the ‘after’ shot with it all in flower.

  3. A delightful picture of blossom, especially those delicate dewdrops clinging to the stamens. I was interested by your reading as well, I’ve just finished “Fair Helen” by Andrew Greig, a wonderfully written Scots tale inspired by the ballad. As for Brian – my mind is now going to have the theme tune running round (and round and roundabout) until the morning. The image is lovely though so you’re forgiven. I really enjoy the way you mix up the textures and stitch directions to give contrast and flow and the colours are, as ever, delicious 🙂

    1. I watched a few episodes of the Magic Roundabout on YouTube – compare and contrast with the current offerings to young viewers – explains a lot I think. I love your dying experiments. I had a brief try out with my neighbour last summer, so I’m in awe of all you did there – I think it’s something that captures the imagination.

      1. YouTube is a dangerous place!!
        Try out the dyeing again, it can only get better and with your eye for colour I think you’d have tremendous fun and get some great results 🙂

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