Several weeks ago, when I was once more celebrating my 39th birthday, I was given a set of linocutting tools and pieces of lino. I seem to remember in the dim and distant past that I did this once at school – but then again, I might be fantasising. Anyway, I was itching to have a go – did in fact do a little bit, but the one thing I didn’t have, was any printing ink.

I ordered some, but it has taken weeks to get here. I had thought that I’d be able to manage with the various paints and inks I already have – I did give it a try, but I couldn’t get the consistency to what I imagined was ‘right’.

Well, the long-awaited ink has now arrived and so I spent a happy hour this morning, practicing printing.

leaves linocut

It was supremely good fun. There’s a gorgeous noise as you take the paper off the lino – something akin to sucking and ripping simultaneously.

Later, I tried adding a touch of colour.

red leaves linocutblue leaves linocut

I’m going to have to do some more of this – it’s magic.

Anyway, as for stitching – yes, still at the flower. I did warn you, it’s bigger than I normally do, but it comes along at its own pace.

IMAG1165 IMAG1163

Happy cutting, sticking, gluing, stitching etc…

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