Spring flower…

needlepoint flower


I hope you’re not reading this from beneath a ten foot snow drift – my other half keeps referring to the weather as ‘a cold snap’ and I keep reminding him, that this weather has been consistently atrocious since November, and snap it certainly isn’t.

But in other news…

Slow progress is being made on the – shall we call it flower?

I have a fairly clear idea of how the flower is going to develop – I’ve put a couple of baskets of yarns together and I keep looking at them, imagining where I’m going to put them all – so to contrast with the couching of the flower, the outer sections are rather more restrained.

The recycled sari silk is delightful to work with. The thickness varies quite widely, and some sections are decidedly fluffy, so stitching it in becomes experimental – I like the feeling that the yarns are deciding the texture of the piece for themselves – putting the stitches in, feels almost passive.

detail of recycled sari silk couching

Just before the weekend snow, I nipped outside and took pictures of the few brave buds to have risked showing their faces this winter…

IMAG0825 IMAG0826

I’m wondering if I was getting subliminal messages about the colours – notice any similarities between the flowers and the flower?


Happy stitching – stay warm.




6 thoughts on “Spring flower…

  1. Cold snap indeed! Luckily we have avoided most of the snow, though it remains bitterly cold. Still your lovely flower with its vibrant colours cheers me up a bit. Can we miss spring and go straight to summer?

  2. Your work is amazing. I love it. The textures, colors, and shapes are simply gorgeous. Your dedication is contagious…Lets see if I can work some encaustic magic today…

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I love seeing other techniques, even if it’s not something I might try, it often fires up a creative idea.

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