Great stitchy excitement…

Well, it is now confirmed – I can get high on stitching…

Last week, I mentioned that I’d seen some couching samples worked by Kat at Of Gardens, Grandmothers and Gleanings. Kat very kindly sent me lots of information, and also links to some simply incredible medieval opus anglicanum pieces.

I ached to have a go at the couching, and decided to daub a bit of paint on the scrim first.


So this is what I started with.


I put in a few random lines of couching, just to get a feel for it – it was love at first stitch.

But something about those opus anglicanum pieces had wriggled their way into my consciousness. So the girl who practically never strays far from tent stitch, found herself going mad  – free stitching all over the place.

IMAG0156_2 IMAG0155_2 IMAG0154_2 IMAG0153 IMAG0152_2 IMAG0151_2

The textures are fascinating.

I am having more fun than drinking a bottle of Faustino I.

Happy stitching!

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    1. Hello Erin, I’m afraid I have no connection with the RSN, so I wouldn’t have anything useful for your article. Best wishes. A

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