Sunshine and swirls…

It was half term for my daughters last week and inevitably my normal routine – in as much as you can call what I generally do a routine – went up the proverbial Swanee River.

There was some stitching of the Celtic Swirl, but as of this morning this is what it looks like…


All the ribbons are done – I’m working on the backgrounds. I’m not a fan of huge areas of plain colours, so I’m experimenting with swirls and shading.


I’ve also given in to temptation and included some sparkly gold thread – although it doesn’t photograph well.

I’ve been stitching this morning in the office/dining room/studio/junk room, because I missed huge chunks of the play on Radio 4 extra on Saturday and was determined to hear it properly on iPlayer. The only way I can do that is on the Mac – I really must see if there’s any way to get a comfy chair in here – it just doesn’t feel right, sewing in the office chair.

In typical English fashion, the moment the children go back to school, the sun comes out, but we had a good week, even managing a trip to London, so can’t complain. Now we have the run up to Christmas to contend with – oh joy.

Happy stitching.


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