Starting the Celtic Swirl…

Here’s a sneaky peek of the design behind my new piece of needlepoint.

I’m going to call it Celtic Swirl – I seem to have spent most of 2012 sewing swirly patterns, which might tell you about the state of my mind – but at least this time, I can say that I have positively tried to incorporate a Celtic theme – albeit in a loose, freeform style.

I’m going to use the hessian for this piece – partly because I want to see how it feels to go back to the bigger holes after the last piece on the linen scrim, and partly because as I mentioned in the last post, my stocks of crewel wools and silks are a bit depleted and I’ll need to get out to find some new threads before I make another large piece on the scrim.

I’ve been drawing it up this morning – I’m not sure if this shows up, but here it is anyway.

I like to have the main parts penned in, so that the form is maintained, but I prefer to keep the rest of it fairly fluid as I work.

As it stands, it’s about 28 x 18 inches.

So, off I go. Happy stitching everyone.


4 thoughts on “Starting the Celtic Swirl…

  1. It looks a very complicated design, though I love all the swirls. I have only done one small piece with lots of curves and this was in wool. Celtic designs are beautiful, but they do seem very hard. Good luck.

  2. I’m cheating a bit – real Celtic knots and the beautiful symmetrical designs are just way too complicated for me to draw, let alone stitch, that’s why I’ve gone loose and curvy – much easier!

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