Being Distracted…

Oh, you know how it is, the sun comes out, you get a good book to read, you buy a new dog…

Well, it’s been like that around here lately, which is why I’ve been away for a few days. Actually I’ve been going through the process of getting the house ready and then settling in the gorgeous new blond man in my life – what a sweetie he’s being too.

The sun has barely popped its head behind a cloud for at least a week now, which is of course wonderful, but a bit of a shock to the system. Although I should warn any of you living around here, that I went and stocked up on sun lotion yesterday, which is normally more effective at bringing a heat wave to a halt, than appointing Denis Howell as Minister for Drought.

As for the good read – I’m delighted to have found I’d Rather Be In The Studio, by Alyson B Stanfield. I tried VERY hard to find a hard copy – I am after all one of those dreadful scrawlers in books – but short of paying well over £30 and waiting for the vagaries of shipping from the US, there was no option but to buy the Kindle version.

Although I can’t cover the pages with pencil, I’ve found myself taking notes, which knowing the way my old brain works, might actually be more effective – time will tell.

It’s a book for artists who want to get serious about promoting their art. Being involved in the very slow art world of needlepoint and tapestry, it’s terribly easy to let things slide, putting off deadlines and thinking that everything will happen in the future by some strange turn of fate.

When I was living in the corporate world, I was really good at goals and deadlines – now I’m being motivated to set up those routines again and see what I can achieve.

So, hello again. And now it’s off to the studio (ok, sitting room) for me.

Enjoy what’s left of the weather!

2 thoughts on “Being Distracted…

  1. I couldn’t be happier to be mentioned along with the new man in your life. He’s a looker! I do wish we could figure out a way to get my book overseas less expensively. I’m glad you’re working on the e-book version.

    1. I’m sure there’s a decent market here for your book if you can crack the distribution – I’ll carry on extolling it’s virtues, because for me it’s a superb resource which I’m certain could help a lot of people over here.

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