A Bit Grumpy…

Ever had one of those weeks?

I can’t really complain – but I will anyway.

The thing is, the tree is coming along very slowly, but I can’t say I’m all that happy with it. In my mind, it was going to have more contrast, more texture, more je ne sais quoi.

And it doesn’t.

And although I want to sit and slap some ideas around, I haven’t managed to do that yet – partly I suspect because I’m trying to solve the tree problem and I don’t want to leave it without feeling happier about it.

So, I’m feeling a bit grumpy and a bit out of sorts. And the best thing when I’m in this frame of mind is to get off and moan in private.

I’ll come back when I’ve got my happy face back (as my mother thankfully never said).

Have a good weekend.

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