Sore Hands.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. We’ve been having the usual pre-Christmas changes to schedule – Christmas concerts, husband away with work, sick children – you probably know the score. These I’m coping with (sort of), but the thing that is getting me down today, is my sore hands.

I’ve had eczema since forever, and I think on the whole I’ve learned to live with it or at least manage it pretty well. But just occasionally, it gets out of control. it’s as if a balance tips and instead of being able to ‘get on with it’, it becomes too uncomfortable to manage.

These days, it’s really only my hands with which I have a problem. Years back, it was all over – including my face, which I can tell you, is incredibly hard to handle – but sometime in my mid-forties, the eczema on the face and body cleared away.

But hands are tricky things, especially when you have to wash them frequently – and for the last three weeks, the skin on my hands has been suffering. I do my best to keep them moisturised, but have you ever noticed how often you wash your hands during a day? I now have seven out of ten fingers/thumbs which hurt like hell and are in a bad way.

It will clear up eventually, I’ve been in this situation lots of times before, but right now, it’s a giant pain in the proverbial. There’s a lot I want to get done, but you’d be amazed how restricting it is when your hands are covered in greasy stuff so they don’t crack. I’ve even had to wipe a bit of the stuff off so I can type without transferring goo to the keyboard. The poor mouse is already slimy.

I can’t write the Christmas cards because I’ll get greasy marks on everything. I can’t make sausage rolls because the extra hand washing is devastating, but worst of all – I can’t sew – it just hurts and little wounds keep opening up and then bleeding – definitely not what you want on your wools and silks. I bled on one of the bell ropes at the weekend – very unsavoury indeed.

So, for the moment, I’m stuck here, feeling miserable. Yuck.


7 thoughts on “Sore Hands.

  1. Likewise – I have the same problem and know how miserable and downright painful it can be. Have you tried eliminating various foods to see if it makes any difference…? I notice my eczema is much improved when I don’t eat nightshade-related vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, potatoes) – these can cause skin flare-ups in sensitive people. I’m sure you’ll have already tried all this stuff. Hoping you feel better very soon.

    1. Thank you – that’s interesting information about the nightshade family. Tomatoes are my thing, but probably not the others. I eat very little dairy product these days and I’m pretty sure that’s been beneficial – cheese in particular was quite bad, but perhaps I’ll ease off the tomatoes and see how that goes.

      1. I’ve always been allergic to tomatoes so never eat them, but I figure that if that’s the case then I might also be allergic to/intolerant of their relatives – so this might not work for you, given that you already like tomatoes. Good luck, anyway…

  2. I sympathise. I too have a tricky skin condition which nobody seems to be able to properly diagnose. I often have sore hacks in my fingers which is not good if like me you do a lot of felting. I find Neutogena helps. I expect you have tried that.Could you do your writing etc with those thin cotton gloves on from Boots etc?
    I really feel for you. Hope it is better soon.

    1. Hello, sorry to be so long replying, thanks for your comments. I have resorted to gloves quite a lot over Christmas – it’s definitely not the best time of year to have your fingers out of action. Things are getting better, but they’re still delicate, so I’m trying to limit what I do until the skin is toughened up a bit more. Happy New Year to you.

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