Well, thanks to the very nice man who came out and replaced our internet equipment, I now have fully functioning broadband, after a couple of weeks without it.

Not naturally being one of life’s more optimistic people, I thought this was a long time, but having talked to several friends, I now discover that we probably ‘got off lightly’.

Nevertheless, not having constant access to the internet, has had an impact on me. After the first few days, during which time I did quite a lot of unreasonable ranting to the techno-guru husband, I almost became reconciled to the loss.

I think the worst of the pain was eased, when I discovered that I could get a good connection on my smart phone in our local supermarket car park. At least it meant that I could read emails and do urgent stuff.

Then a strange sublime calm came over me, when I realised that as I couldn’t use the internet at home, I was actually free to do other things. And, like some old folk memory, I could even recall the types of things that people used to do, in the old days (pre 1996ish).

The panic did increase a tad, when the daughters wanted help with their homework – you try finding 10 facts about fuels, for tomorrow, without google. But with half-term coming up, we escaped too much difficulty.

And now, everything is working, the girls are back at school, and life can get back to what we call normal.

Art & sewing.

When the girls are at home, I find it very difficult, if not impossible, to draw or paint, not least because it’s downright dangerous to draw while driving – which is what I think I spent most of last week doing.

It’s coming along slowly.

I did however manage to put quite a lot of time into the current tapestry/needlepoint project. I must have a think back and try to work out how many hours I’ve spent at it so far, but I’m loving it. As ever with me, I fall for the process itself. Just watching those tiny stitches soak into the canvas, has a sort of dreamy effect on me.

It’s good to be back. Have a good Hallowe’en, happy Samhain.

4 thoughts on “Yippee!

  1. You are so right about not being able to draw or paint while kids are at home. My problem is that whenever they are home and I try to create something, they want to join in and I end up spending more time trying to stop their fighting. Then afterwards you have ten times as much cleaning up to do as when you would just paint on your own. I never do it when they are home. I can’t concentrate and they disturb me a great deal. If they don’t join in, I have to walk away from my art a lot of times because they need or want something. Thank God for school!

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